Best Hair Salon For Extensions, Haircuts, & Conditioning Treatments

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Looking for a full-service hair salon near Sandown, NH? Choose Show Salons! Show Salons offers everything from haircuts and new hair colors to conditioning treatments and extensions. Our stylists have been in the industry for years and can’t wait to help you reach all your hair goals! 

Haircuts & Hair Coloring Services – Sandown, NH 

Sometimes you just need a brand new hairstyle or hair color to spice up your life. The stylists at Show Salons have given countless clients a new do that they absolutely love! Our clients have especially been loving the balayage style lately. When performing a balayage, our stylists will blend the colors perfectly into your hair. Balayage is very popular because it does not require upkeep as often as regular highlights.

If you’re unsure what you’d like for your next hair transformation, our stylists can help you! They will give some insight into what color and cut they think will compliment you best. Set up a consultation today! 

Best & Most Natural Hair Extensions – Sandown, NH 

Hair extensions are one of our specialties! We have clients come in all the time looking for some volume and length, and our hair extensions do just that. We carry only the highest quality extensions so that our clients get the best of the best. Our hair extensions won’t only stay intact for months but they also look extremely natural. We offer hand-tied extensions and clip-in extensions. Give us a call today with all your hair extension questions! 603-216-2598

Hair Conditioning Treatments For Dehydrated and Frizzy Hair

Do you wash your hair too often? Brush it too harshly? Not condition it correctly? If so, these might be the reasons why your hair is dehydrated and constantly frizzy. At Show Salons, we offer Keratin Treatments which are amazing when it comes to taming frizz and adding moisture back into your hair. After your Keratin Treatment, you’ll truly feel like you have a new head of hair as it will be smooth, knot free, strong, and hydrated. Keratin Treatments last up to 4 months! 

Full-Service Hair Salon Near Sandown, NH

Are you ready to book your next hair transformation? We know our hair stylists can give you the results you’re looking for! Feel free to contact us at any time to ask us questions about our availability and the services we offer. Take a look at our full list of services and book your appointment today! 603-216-2598