Hand Tied Extensions: Everything you Need to Know

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Hand Tied Extensions: Everything you Need to Know

Hand-tied extensions are something that every lady should have amongst her hair accessories. Girls love having long hair that can be packed into cute styles but unfortunately, not every girl has long hair. Hand-tied extensions are the solution to this problem.

Have you been looking for a way to increase the volume and length of your hair but still maintain that natural look? Read on.

How do Hand Tied Extensions work?

Hand-tied extensions are ultra-natural-looking extensions that can be attached to the root of your natural hair. These extensions blend seamlessly with the natural hair and give the hair fuller volume, lusciousness, and length. The hand-tied method makes it easy to attach the extension to your natural hair and is considered the best option if you have fine natural hair.

Attaching Hand Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are pretty easy to attach, and the process is relatively painless.

First, your hair is separated into different sections. Then, the stylist attaches silicone beads to the hair, creating the outline for the extensions. Once this is done, the extension can be attached to your hair. 

After attaching your extension, even you won’t be able to tell the attached strands from your natural strands. 

The great thing about these extensions is that they can be taken off and reattached to the roots of your hair as your hair grows, which means that they can be used multiple times. 

Do Hand Tied Extensions Last Long?

Generally, hand-tied extensions can last for about eight months to a year if you keep reattaching them. But, they last for about three or four months per fix. 

The durability of hand-tied extensions depends on the type you purchase and how well you take care of them. 

How long the extensions will last depends on the type of procedure you use to attach them to your hair. 

How Long Does It Take to Attach Hand Tied Extensions?

The exact amount of time needed to attach these extensions to your hair depends on the stylist. Generally, the procedure shouldn’t be up to two hours.

What Differentiates Hand Tied Extensions from Others?

Hand-tied extensions are different from other extensions because they are wonderful for all kinds of hair, including extra-fine hair. 

They are also easier to attach than other extension types because they don’t require strong adhesive or heat. 

When Should You Retouch It?

Hand-tied extensions can go a long time without touch-ups. Women with thick tresses could go for touch-ups every ten weeks. In contrast, women with lesser tresses could go every eight weeks.

Hand Tied Hand Extensions in Londonderry

Hand-tied extensions are pretty, and they enhance your looks in a subtle but elegant way. If you want to get hand-tied extensions guaranteed to last long, Show Salons is the perfect choice for you. Give us a call today to book an appointment! 603-216-2598