Hand Weft Hair Extensions 101

hand tied extensions

Hand Weft Hair Extensions 101

Hair extensions are excellent for customers who want to add volume and length to their hair. When it comes to size, texture, and color, extensions provide a wide range of possibilities and various ways to attach them.

Weft extensions, in which a bundle of hair is sewn onto a fabric strip and then incorporated into the client’s existing mane, have been used for a long time. Wefts are preferable over the traditional strand-by-strand method regarding hair extensions since they provide more options for hairdressers.

Hand-tied wefts have become more fashionable in recent years. If you’re interested in hairstyling, you may be curious about the craze around hand-tied wefts and how they vary from the alternatives.

What Makes Hand-Tied Wefts An Advantageous Choice?

One of the most effective methods for adding length to your hair is using hand-tied wefts. They give you, the stylist, an ideal chance to provide the customers with pleasant hair extensions that won’t cause any harm and may be styled as desired.

Compared to other types of hair extensions, hand-tied extensions may be preferable for several reasons:

  1. Unlike other methods, hand-tied wefts don’t put too much strain on your hair and won’t create any noticeable breakage.
  2. They provide adaptability in all the essential parts of hairstyling since they may be trimmed, dyed, and styled.
  3. Hand-tied wefts are disposable and may be removed and repositioned as the hair grows, lasting anywhere from six months to a year with the proper maintenance.
  4. These extensions may be applied without the need for glue or heat; when removed, they leave no sticky residue.

Do All Hair Types Benefit From Hand-Tied Extensions?

Beads in hand-tied hair extensions are flatter on the scalp and easier to detangle near the scalp when applied to straight or wavy hair. Tape-in extensions may be used for a wide variety of hair textures, from straight to wavy, and the result is always a seamless, natural appearance.

How Do You Put Them On?

Putting in a hand-tied weft takes much longer than a conventional beaded weave and requires a unique, labor-intensive process.

As their name implies, hand-tied extensions are made into single wefts. Still, their delicate production makes it impossible to cut them horizontally into lengths adjustable to the client’s head. 

Cutting hand-tied wefts usually result in a lot of shedding and subsequent cleaning. One crucial but sometimes challenging phase is deciding which wefts to utilize for specific hair rows.

Hand-tied extensions, much like beaded wefts, must be installed using beads. The stylist usually beads the client’s natural hair into rows and then sews each hand-tied weft on top, which is the fundamental difference between the two processes.

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