How Does Hair Toner Work?

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How Does Hair Toner Work?

Sometimes you see the hairdresser mixing contrasting gel-like substances to lighten the colors of your hair. You have probably asked how it works, but all you got was an inclusive answer. Have you ever cared to find out how toners work?


What is a hair toner?

A hair toner is a dye product used to enhance or reduce the tone of your hair. It usually comes in a gloss-like or gel formula. It is different from a dye because it does not change the color of your hair. It is only used to enhance or fix unwanted tones. They contain pigments that can be used to adjust the style of your hair. 


How does hair toner work?

There are mainly two types of pigments in our hair. These two are pheomelanin and eumelanin. While pheomelanin is the yellow and orange to red dye, eumelanin is the brown to black coloring. When you bleach your hair, the bleaching process removes the eumelanin while the pheomelanin is slightly affected.

This means that the brown to dark pigment is lost mainly as your hair turns slightly yellow. But the orange/yellow pigment is only mildly affected, so your hair simply turns yellow. If it is the other way round, the bleaching process makes it pale yellow since lighter hair already has less pheomelanin. This is the main reason you find yourself constantly trying to adjust warm tones. And this is why you need the hair toner. 

The toner works according to the color wheel. This means you have to add color from the opposite side of the wheel to adjust the tone of the hair. 


Using the color wheel

Hair toning can be very tricky. For that reason, it requires application by an expert. You may feel like trying it yourself at home, but that might be a bad idea. Care to know why? The information below explains how complex it can be to find suitable toners to work with, especially when you do not have any prior experience with toning hair.

Remember to use the color opposite the unwanted tone on the color wheel. This would mean that you’ll follow the guide below.


  • Use yellow toners to brighten brown tones and excessively intense red tones.
  • Use orange toners to increase the intensity of warm brown and golden blondes.
  • Use red toners to enhance red-violet and magnet tones.
  • Use green toners for black to dark brown hair. It neutralizes red tones. 
  • Use blue toners for medium to light brown blond hair. It neutralizes orange and brass tones.
  • Use purple toners for light blondes especially. It’s very significant for neutralizing yellow tones.


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