How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

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How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

Fine, flat hair is never a hair goal. Instead, voluminous and thick hair is far more desirable. Whether you’re seeking ways to make your hair appear thicker for a particular event or as a permanent fix, there are ways to achieve your hair goals. Some tips may surprise you!

Give it a Lift

Lifting your hair by the roots is a remarkably easy trick that you can do at home. When your hair is wet, use bobby pins at the roots to lift small sections. Although this trick may take several minutes, removing the pins when your hair has dried will leave it with a lift and appearance of volume.  

Change Up Your Part

If your part is typically split down the middle and your fine hair looks flat, moving to a side part can help—this aids in lifting your hair from the roots. Your part can be anything different from your usual – or skip the part altogether. You may enjoy how changing your part can impact your hair’s volume. 

Layers Help

Fine hair with no layers can look one-dimensional. With layers added to your thin hair, you can give it more dimension, thus resulting in more volume.

Cut It

Longer hair can look flat and undefined when you have especially fine hair. However, a cut that is shorter than shoulder length gives fine hair the ability to look thicker. With less weight pulling it taut, short hair has more volume. 

Add a Little Color

It may be unexpected to some that hair color can alter the appearance of volume. While a solid color may be more natural, highlights and other color treatments can give your hair more shape. With more body comes more volume. Color-treated hair is a great way to give off the impression of thicker hair without too much work. 

Wash it Correctly

Did you know you could be washing your hair incorrectly? While your shampoo directions likely tell you to lather, rinse, and repeat, there is more to washing hair than that. It is best to wet your hair with hot water and lather only at the roots. You will then want to work the lather smoothly down the lengths to avoid damaging any brittle ends. Additionally, avoid a daily wash. Try washing every other day or every few days instead to notice a difference in volume. 

Limit Product Usage

There are so many products available for your hair.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Mask
  • Hairspray
  • Gel
  • Mousse

While each product has a purpose, too much product can add weight to your hair. The weight results in a lack of volume. Although marketing may make certain products seem necessary for volume, that is not always true. If you have to use an additional product for styling, be sure you are not using more than directed. 

Dry it Upside Down

When you’ve got your hairdryer out, simply toss your hair upside down and blow it dry from the underside. Drying your hair in this manner will cause your roots to dry at an upward angle, thus creating volume. A similar or additional effect can be achieved by brushing your hair in this way, as well.

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