How to Prevent Split Ends

split ends

How to Prevent Split Ends

An unavoidable hair problem most women can relate to is split ends, irrespective of the hair texture. If you fail to seek proper care, it will damage the hair shaft before repair. That is not to scare you but to let you know that split ends are preventable. You can get your hair looking attractive and healthy again by taking a few steps. Understandably, keeping strong and healthy hair can be challenging but achievable. But how can you prevent split ends? Read on to find out.

5 Proven Strategies to Prevent Split Ends

Perhaps, you always have trouble taking care of your hair. Here are 5 practicals ways to prevent split ends:

Cut your Hair with Scissors

According to hair experts, cutting hair with scissors is a guaranteed way to eradicate split ends forever without losing the length. They recommended using a hot one because it seals the hair cuticle permanently. The scissor heat of about 3000F keeps the hair shaft end sealed, preventing further damage. Once the split ends issue is under control, the hair will retain moisture again.

Trim the Hair Often

Every woman likes longer hair, but they don’t know that lengthy hair is susceptible to split ends. Maintaining a healthy end requires trimming your hair every seven weeks, irrespective of the length. It is an effective hair treatment strategy to prevent the issue from damaging your hair. Trimming the hair does not mean you will lose your precious hair. It is a way to ensure it does not grow shorter than the initial length.

Extremely Hot Showers are not Advisable

If you like taking hot showers, you are giving them the power to split ends to weaken the hair cuticles. It would be best to take your shower with warm water that does not cause the cuticles to swell. If possible, reduce the hotness to the barest minimum that your body can withstand. That will keep the hair cuticle sealed. Also, when washing your hair, it is advisable to use cold water.

Brush your Hair Gently

Splits end usually occur due to how people brush their hair. Being aggressive when combing is against good hair maintenance habits. Why be so harsh on fragile hair when you can do it gently and achieve the same result? Don’t pull the brush forcefully if you notice any difficulty when brushing. Take your time to remove it and continue with the process. Also, using the right brush is very important.

Don’t Pick at Your Split Ends

When it comes to beauty, it is never advisable to pick at your split ends. You are not helping the situation that way. That is why experts recommended trimming. Rather than picking, go to your hairstylists for a haircut or trimming. The friction associated with picking scrapes off the cuticle gives room to more split ends.

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Hair deserves the best care because of its fragility. The points highlighted above are foolproof ways to prevent split ends. If you need assistance to get your hair adequate treatment, Show Salons is a hair salon expert to consult. Contact us to book your next trim today! 603-216-2598