How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair During The Summer Months

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How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hair During The Summer Months

A lot of folks look forward to the summertime since it’s when many people enjoy the outdoors and go on vacation. However, the warmth and humidity that summer brings can impact the health of your hair even as you have a good time. Damaged hair is not something that you want the summer to gift to you, but you also want to enjoy the hot season as well. How do you maintain healthy, vibrant hair during the summer? Knowing certain hair care tips can help you to preserve its beauty all summer long. 

Use a Cleansing Conditioner to Wash

Cleansing conditioners are shampoo-free formulas that allow the hair to retain its natural oils. Rather than penetrating deep and stripping the hair strands of essential oils that it needs, a cleansing conditioner simply cleans the surface by eliminating minerals and products that have built up over time. It offers enough cleansing and helps to keep down frizz. Good examples of cleansing conditioners include:

  • Oribe’s Cleansing Crème
  • Goldwell Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner
  • Moistrepair by KMS

How to Apply Your Cleansing Conditioner: First apply your cleansing conditioner to the length and ends of your hair with your head tilted back, then move to your scalp. It’s good practice to run your fingers from root to ends when applying the cleansing conditioner to your hair for proper coverage and saturation. Rinse thoroughly.

Use a Great Hair Moisturizing Product

While cream products are essential hair care products throughout the year, they are key during the hot summer period. Follow up your towel dry hair with gentle finger combing, after which you’ll apply an anti-frizz hair moisturizing product to provide heat protection(including from your blow dryer). Apply a generous amount of 2-3 pumps in your hand and work it in your hair from mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. Move closer to the root as less of the product remains in your hand, but avoid getting your scalp greasy in the process. This will allow your hair to remain smooth and soft. 

Rinse Hair After Swimming

Swimming in chlorine-filled pool water or the ocean’s salty water can be stressful on your hair. As such, it’s critical that you rinse your hair after swimming to remove the harsh chemical or salt. It helps treat your hair to some dense leave-in conditioner as a protective barrier before dipping in the water. Use a clarifying shampoo weekly to eliminate chlorine buildup. 

Make Use of Your Diffuser

A diffuser provides you with a controlled method of drying your hair while protecting your hair. Your hair will dry using a controlled temperature and still maintain its “natural” air-drying look. A diffuser can give you that beachy look with shine and limited frizz. 

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