Tips for Taking Care of Your Colored Hair

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Colored Hair

Hairstyles are one of the first things that people notice about you. You can tell a lot about a person by how what theirs looks like. This is because people often style their hair to suit their fancy. One of such stylish things is coloring. There is no limit to how creative you can get with hair color nowadays. As inspiring as this is, dyes can cause irreparable damage to your hair. Colored hair requires a little more attention and tender loving care to stay healthy.

Here are some tips that can help you keep your colored hair luscious and silky:

Use Shampoos for Colored Hair

There are several shampoos for maintaining colored hair. You should stick to one of those. This is because other products can be too mild or too harsh for your hair. Don’t forget that the chemicals used to process your hair can alter its natural state. To maintain and preserve it, you would have to use products with the capacity to handle it. Sulfate and paraben-free shampoos and treatments are safe.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! Hydration helps the body to function well. Water helps to replenish your immune system. In turn, your scalp will be healthier and so will your hair follicles. Failing to stay hydrated can result in dryness, breakage, or ashy colors. Don’t wait till you feel thirsty, drink water frequently. Your hair is depending on you. 

Minimize exposure to heat and sunlight

UV rays can damage your hair. You may have observed that your hair fades when we stay out in the sun for too long. Sunlight will not only change your hair color. It can dry it out and cause breakage or an itching scalp. The colors in your hair will also last longer if you refrain from using your straightener or blowdryer habitually. Heat weakens hair strength regardless of its texture or density. Avoid it except when necessary.

Create a Good Treatment Regimen

Investing in a treatment mask is a healthy choice. You could buy one or make some with honey and any hair oil of your choice. Hair oils are good for maintaining texture. Using a good mask and oil treatment will keep your hair shiny and smooth. 

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Preserving colored hair means that you must drop some habits while you pick up new ones. Avoid washing your hair too often so that the colors will stay in longer. Don’t stay too long in hot places and cover your hair when the temperature falls. Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated.

Of course, none of these things will matter if the coloring was not done right in the first place. If the coloring is poorly done, your hair could become thin or fall out. You should consult a professional before you use coloring products. It is safer and healthier. At Show Salons, you can find professionals to offer consultation and recommendations on the best products for colored hair. Contact us today by giving us a call at 603-216-2598 or fill out a contact form.