What Is Balayage Hair?

balayage hair

What Is Balayage Hair?

Balayage hair color is taking up the fashion industry and the red carpet. This effortless and cool hair trend gives a natural sun-kissed effect to your hair. This hair color is becoming popular because it is easier to maintain. Another benefit of this hair color is the options. There are numerous types of balayage including 3D balayage, rose quartz balayage, and blue balayage. Let’s understand what this trendy hair color technique is and how to apply them.

What is Balayage?

This is a highlighting technique that hair colorists will directly hand-paint. Because this hair color does not include foil, it offers a natural, sun-kissed, and blended look. While applying this color, your hairstylist has more control, so they can create different blends and highlights including raspberry bourbon and brown ale. 

The effect of this color is subtle and soft, but you can also choose bright and bold options creating a universally flattering effect. You will love this hair color because of its versatility, as it does not only look effortless to apply, but it also requires less maintenance as compared to traditional highlights.

How to Apply Balayage

Balayage looks natural and blended because hair colorists apply it with freehand techniques. This means that they will use their hands and artistic skills to color your hair. Professionals call this technique balayage because it follows a sweeping pattern. 

In French, balayage is the word used for sweeping, which is the origin of this term. A professional colorist will use a backing board and a brush to apply the color using a sweeping technique. This indicates that you require a certain level of skills to get the best results. 

Benefits of Balayage

Here are some benefits to choose balayage as your new look this summer:

  • Your hair will look more natural because of the sweeping hand patterns used in this technique. It will look softer and sun-kissed than other methods for highlights.
  • This technique requires light strokes to get the best result. Therefore, you have to give little effort to maintain the natural look from this hair color.
  • Color is another technique that starts to bleed and expand towards the roots after you apply heat to it. However, while applying balayage, the colorist will avoid layers of bleach and swelling using a barrier.
  • As this technique does not require saturating the entire head with bleach, you can protect your hair from significant damage.

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