What Is Hair Color Correction & How Do You Know If You Need One?

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What Is Hair Color Correction & How Do You Know If You Need One?

Have you heard hairstylists use the term “color correction” before? You’re probably wondering what exactly that means. Well, similar to color correcting with makeup to neutralize uneven pigments in your skin, color correcting with hair is fixing its colors to better blend. There is a science to hair coloring so it’s important to have the correct shades in order to get the best results. There could be a few different reasons why one would need a color correction. This post will give you all the insight you need! 

What Is Hair Color Correction?

As mentioned above, color correction is fixing the colors in your hair to better blend. However, that is not all it does. Color-correction can help hair that might be too light, too dark, warm, or cool. It will help neutralize these tones so that they look better and more natural. Hairstylists do this by toning your hair, dying it darker, or lightening your hair even more to get the results you want. 

Examples of Hair Color Correction

If you’ve tried to drastically change your hair color with a boxed dye, it’s likely that didn’t work out too well. In order to go blonde, you need to bleach your hair but it’s not so simple. Box dye will make your hair more prone to lighten with red and orange tones. When a hairstylist corrects this, they will have to put more colors on top of that to cancel out the orange and red tones. 

If you’re blonde and want to go dark, your hairstylist will need to fill your hair with red colors first since there is no pigment in blonde hair. Once the red is in your hair the dark color you’re looking for will be able to go right on top of that. Without that red, your hair will not be able to hold the dark color. 

This is why boxed dye or going to a hairstylist who isn’t very knowledgeable on colors doesn’t always end well and will usually lead to needing a color correction. 

How Do I Know If I Need A Color Correction?

As mentioned above, if you did your hair yourself and it didn’t come out the way you wanted, you most likely need a color correction. You may also need a color correction if a few weeks after you get your hair done you realize your blonde has become very brassy or your brunette has orange and red tones seeping through. These are a result of a hairstylist not using the correct colors on your hair. 

But don’t always blame the hairstylist! Everyday activities could affect your hair too such as spending a lot of time in the sun, being in chlorine, and even washing your hair since the minerals in water can change your hair color as well. 

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