What is Hair Color Melting?

hair color melting

What is Hair Color Melting?

Color melting is a technique that’s been around for ages, but is just attracting more attention, since many people love the subtle transition it gives. People who don’t understand why it’s so popular or what’s it about, keep reading to find out. 

What is Hair Color Melting?

The procedure for this technique very much resembles its name, and it melts artificial colors with the natural shade of your hair. This technique helps blend the balayage or highlights into the roots of an individual’s hair to create a subtle transition and make a less glaring distinction. This technique aims to create something natural where you can’t tell where one pigment ends and another begins. 

People also prefer this when they’ve already undergone a balayage treatment and their roots have grown. Instead of getting another treatment, they ask for a color melt which brings all previous treatments together. It’s the perfect blend and gives the most natural look to the client. 

Color Melting Procedure

If you look closely at a non-colored head, you’ll notice how they have a pattern in their hair growth. The hair near the scalp is darker, compared to the edges. These are the roots of your hair. However, as each strand grows, you can see your hair starting to get a gradient. The ends have the lightest shade of hair, with the hair closer to the scalp being the darkest.

In color melting procedure, a professional color melts your hair color and blends it to a point where there’s no significant difference. You can perform this procedure using any color of your choice.

It ensures you don’t have glaring lines of demarcation from the roots to your ends. You can color your hair whatever wild colors you have in mind, and with proper color melting, there won’t be any major differences between your natural roots and colored ends. 

Are There Specific Shades for Color Melting?

There isn’t a designated shade for color melting. There are plenty of colors on the market that you can opt for. Moreover, you can allow your inner artist to get creative and play with your hair while keeping them to optimal health. You should try some recommended hair colors when going for color melting.

  • Blonde Melting: It’s a mixture of warm browns and golden brown highlights. This is for people who want to transition to blonde hair.
  • Spicy Melting: Spicy melting is for people who love red, burgundy, copper, etc. 
  • Rose Gold Melting: This is an especially new trend because of color melting. It has a rosy natural base with pink or quartz highlights. 
  • Lilac Melting: This involves amethyst roots and evolving ends in shades of lilac and lavender. 
  • Opal Melting: It’s probably the most popular melting choice among customers; it has several color combos that give an iridescent hue.

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