What Makes Balayage Different from Highlights or Ombre Hair?

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What Makes Balayage Different from Highlights or Ombre Hair?

Balayage, and Ombre, both these terms are French but different from each other. Balayage is a technique that means sweeping, and Ombre means shade, and it creates a two-color toned hair effect. If you ever heard your hairstylists using these terms and wonder what they mean, this article will help you understand:


Balayage is a freehand technique for coloring hair. After this technique, your hair will have a natural and blended look without noticeable regrowth. The Balayage technique offers you a sun-kissed effect and softness with a multi-tonal finish. The color will have a multi-dimensional outcome because the technique involves light and shade patches. The colorist will paint the highlights in this technique instead of the foil method. You will find the outcome versatile, beautiful with low maintenance.

Benefits of Balayage

Low Maintenance

What makes Balayage highlights different from traditional highlights is their low maintenance. You only require a touch-up once in two to three months. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Healthy Look

This technique does not require complete saturation in color dye or bleach. This will keep the hair healthy as it goes through less chemical processing. You can expect little dryness and damage with a soft and silkier touch to the hair.


This technique is versatile than other options. Balayage highlights help in creating an ombre look and other natural-looking styles. You can make the highlights stronger and softer, depending on your preference.


Ombre is a look with dark roots and light ends. You will get this look with the help of hair painting and balayage technique. Many people keep their dark section natural and color the bottom section light. You can also choose a different color combination with a blend. 

Benefits of Ombre


You need a few touch-ups and spend less money in the salon for your hairstyle if you choose an ombre hairstyle. The hairstylist will not color the harsh roots, so they require fewer efforts.

One-Length Cut

You can choose ombre if you need a stylish look with the one-length cut. You will not require many layers to get this look. No matter if you have long or bob hair, ombre will look good with any single-layer hair length.


You can ask your hairstylist for highlights if you want to get a brighter look. In this technique, the stylist will use foil on some sections to create a brighter effect on your hair. Highlights will give you a complete blend of colors between natural and highlighted parts.

Benefits of Highlights

Less Maintenance

If you are confused between highlights or base color with a lighter shade, you should choose highlights as they require less maintenance. Highlights will make the regrowth subtle, so you do not need to visit the hair salon every month, but a touch-up once in two months is enough.

Less Damaging

Logically, applying less color will cause less damage. The hairstylist will strategically place highlights in small portions of your hair instead of dying it completely.


Highlights enable you to choose the final look. You can decide between varieties of looks such as more, subtle, or thicker streak. You can also choose between full, partial, face-framing highlights. Furthermore, you can also add colors of your choice, giving your look added versatility.

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